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shane mason » About Me

About Me

I am currently employed by Education Queensland as a Deputy Principal at Cleveland District State High School in Queensland, Australia.*

I created this blog way back in 2008 to extend my professional knowledge, share my teaching and learning journey and build a professional network with other like minded educators.

My teaching journey starting in 2003 when I graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Education majoring in Mathematics and Computing. Since then my learning curve has been exponential, and I am currently psyched about leading education in the digital age and engaging with digital learners.

* The contents of this site are my views and may not reflect the views of Education Queensland or Cleveland District State High School.

My Life History in
Reverse Chronological Order

Still working on this. The format for this post has been shamelessly stolen from Jim Whimpey’s blog Valhalla Island.

2015: Living it.

2014: The family moves to Ormiston.

2013: Twins turn 2, Sophie turns 5 and I get promoted to Deputy Principal.

2012: Brisbane Lions finish outside the top eight (again). Our house continues to get trashed by our three little cherabs.

2011: We welcome our twin boys Thomas George and William Myles into the world.

2010: A change of role at school which means I am now Head of IT. Joined the Brisbane Lions.

2009: Loving life watching my new daughter grow. Proudest dad ever!

2008: Welcomed our beautiful Sophie Joy into the world, bought a house and received my Head of Mathematics/IT promotion at school. (Actually all that happened in the same week… the other 51 weeks were pretty uneventful)

2007: Self-imposed kebab ban after the large number that were consumed all around Europe during Dec 06/Jan 07. Appointed Acting Head of Mathematics/IT.

2006: Went on European Adventure with Kathy. Met up with friends and family while we were there and had a great time!

2005: Married my beautiful wife Kathy Joy [wedding album]

2004: Teaching at Cleveland District State High School

2003: Completed University (don’t ask what my GPA was) and got my first teaching job at Cleveland District State High School, where I am still employed. In my first year I taught IPT, Business Computing and Mathematics.

2002: Looking at options to actually finish university. Probably realising that taking on a second degree (Bachelor Science majoring in Physical Mathematics) was a big mistake and was really killing my GPA.

2001: Still at uni. Great times.

2000: Became a residential advisor at Mt Gravatt Residential College. Met and fell in love with a beautiful girl who one day I would be able to call my wife.

1999: Second year university. Probably more hangovers in this single year than all other years of my life combined.

1998: Went to Griffith University and moved onto Campus at Mt Gravatt Residential College.

1997: Continue working at Kingston’s Office Equipment and recovering from major car accident. Spent half of the year on crutches.

1996: Working at Kingston’s Office Equipment. Had a head-on collision while driving on the Bruce Highway near Traveston. Put 4 people in hospital and wrote-off two cars. Broke my right leg in 6(?) places and put myself in hospital for a few weeks. I still have a serious amount of metal in my leg.

1995: Final year of high school.

1994: Year 11.

1993: Year 10.

1992: Year 9. Riding my bike fast to school seemed less appealing and was in no rush to get there each day.

1991: First year of high school at James Nash State High School. We only lived around the corner so I used to walk to school, sometimes with my sister. When I started riding my bike to school I marveled at the fact that if I pedaled flat out I could get inside the school grounds within a minute.

1990: Year 7.

1989: Year 6.

1988: World Expo 88 was happening in Brisbane. I was lucky enough to visit it on 3 separate occasions. I was 10 and it was an amazing experience. I still remember lots of it including the Queensland and Canada pavilions and getting my Expo passport stamped.

1987: Grad 4. Mrs Wooding was my teacher.

1986: Grad 3.

1985: Grad 2.

1984: First year of school at Gympie West State School (only the best for Gympie West). Stayed at this school right through to Year 7.

1983: Pre-school. Memories of show and tell, story time, naps and dressing up like the characters from “A Country Practice”.




1979: Living life in the crazy 70’s. Had such a whacked out, crazy time that I can’t remember anything. May have moved to Gympie this year?

1978: Born September in Southport Hospital, Gold Coast, Australia